Winter Wonderland Vision


This morning as I stared in awe and wonder I watched the landscape out the window turn into a beautiful fully developed winter wonderland.  For someone like me who grew up on the golden beaches of Santa Cruz, California a winter scene such as I saw today here in Las Cruces, New Mexico was a glorious repast for my eyes as well as my imagination.  As I watched, this poem began dancing in my mind.

As I watched unfold before me

A Winter Wonderland of awe

took place through clear glass windows

My Imagination grew wildly!

My eyes fully began to see!

Fairy princesses dressed in

gossamer white lace finery

Floating in the air dancing

while a full orchestra boldly played

with exquisite detail and flair

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Serenade

Glissades lead into Pirouettes of brilliance

as snowflake shape after snowflake

became beloved Sugar Plum Fairies

with twirls and spins dipping now and again

Nary a one left behind

they crisscrossed each path vividly

Then joined in place streaming, gliding

they softly began their sliding!

Faster and faster moving joyfully to fall!

One by one performed their Arabesques

so smoothly as they all

gently landed on the ground below

with their much deserved bow

© 2015 Merriam Kathaleen